Freelance Work

Sort of Current Project:

I’ve been asked to help replace the music for a friend’s game to be less stolen and more original.
Some Level
Some Boss


Current Project: Sonic XTreme Remake (2012 January to Current)

I’ve been asked to fix the character animation and assist with various camera and collision issues. Unrealscript is extremely easy to get into, and the way it references package data is super speedy after working with C# in Unity. However, Unrealscript’s method of referencing package data is much more prone to errors than Unity’s field reveals.


Sonic XTreme Remake (2011 August)

This is the same project, but as it was moved to the Unreal engine, I was asked to upgrade my old assembly fisheye vertex shader for use with UDK. I enjoyed learning how to use UDK in a day and a half and then coming up with a shader using the very awesome and rather powerful shader editor. The ‘custom’ node in the shader editor was definitely my favorite.

Fisheye shader in use with UDK


Sonic XTreme Remake (2009 December 15)

This is a remake of the old Sonic game that never was released. Made in Game Maker, the only thing stopping the creators was the lack of a fish eye effect that was in the original. I provided.

Sonic Xtreme Comparison Fish Eye Effect

Sonic Xtreme Remake – Comparing my effect and Sega’s original



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