Personal Work

Crazy page showcasing a complete collective collection of my commissions and commitments commenced and completed for personal claimed cheer and enjoyment. Captivating.


(2012 – now) Project AFTER link

Some lame project. Working as main everything.

(2011 – now) Withstand: Apoethesis

Tie-in retro platformer with Sea and Storm.

(2010 – 2012) Sea and Storm

Tie-in first person shooter with Withstand.

(2011) Moonwise: Outpost Sierra: The Jurin’Gra Strainlink

A platformer that has been scrapped for parts, taken apart, and refitted to a mecha. The mecha being Withstand.

(2009) c0re – link

A minigame worked up in three days. Extremely unpolished. An unfinished “version 1” of it sits around, and is available on request.


I have a deviantArt account which shows some of my work. Whatever doesn’t get posted there gets posted here. Instead, they find their way here.


Link to Soundcloud where there is much more!

Project AFTER

Sea and Storm



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