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forgot this isn’t imgur

April 28, 2015

1 week ago:

2 weeks ago (wip):

3 weeks ago:

4 weeks ago:


Some silly prototype

January 7, 2015

Something I made in a day. This is the download. Find the 3 targets.


source (Unity 4.6)

pixel arrrrrt

December 2, 2014

this style is so much fun

Even more Withstand

September 15, 2014

Some more Withstand

August 31, 2014

this is old but fun

kind of more of the punkish part of Withstand

Some Withstand

August 14, 2014

Fluxxors yay

July 5, 2014

Progress copy

Desert Town Rework 2

June 18, 2014

old: (mentor + nutjob)

portraitportrait_hazi idiotic

new: (mentor + less of a nutjob)


Desert Town Rework

June 18, 2014



heavier focus on light/dark scheme to dictate collision

old Withstand screenshot

May 15, 2014


because libraries need more fire