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Old Page Masquerading as New Update

June 3, 2016


always liked this page

forgot this isn’t imgur

April 28, 2015

1 week ago:

2 weeks ago (wip):

3 weeks ago:

4 weeks ago:

tns Pages

February 10, 2015

title_core_3 copy HIRES



tns test scene

November 18, 2014

i’ll be rebooting this soon

Twst Test Page

June 6, 2014

page I sketched last night

TWST Swag Copy SM

Twst chapter 2 prelude page 38

May 15, 2014


TWST Character Sketches

April 7, 2014



April 4, 2014

Image (12) copy

Ignisa Hicks

February 20, 2014

Ideas change (and Ignisa is such a bad/great name)ignisa hicksAlso, had more sleep.

Halfdragon Character Idea

February 14, 2014

Ideas are funhicks and sister smIdeas change (and also running on fumes)