The Ultimate Josh is a normal person that enjoys having a blog. He is currently studying undergrad Computer Engineering with minors in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, and math, on track to graduate 2015.

Josh is also one of the founders and current chief of the ultra cool and incredibly awesome EpicHouse Studios LLC. He may someday put a sort of portfolio together, but for now this page will work.

Being as great and skilled as he is, he at one point had the time to do non-personal work. He does pixel art, 3d modelling and textures, animation, concept, design, programming in C, C++, C#; programming in MIPS, x86, and ARM assembly; ARB ASM, CG, GLSL, and HLSL shaders; some music, and – when it comes to anything game related – anything.

Want some help with your game or project? Leave a comment or email me regarding help or commissions.


One Response to “About”

  1. Michal Zachariáš Says:


    I have seen your perfect shader on forum.ultimate3d.org. Exactly here: http://forum.ultimate3d.org/topic/7069276/1/

    Could you please send me the source code? It’s for study purposes. Thank you for your quick response and sorry for my poor English 🙂

    Michal Zacharias

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