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No updates I blame School

October 27, 2012

So here is an excerpt from my notes from my EE 311 class.I cut out the stuff about the BJT’s.


EE352 Project

October 10, 2012

de3Sol is now playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Chief Masamune: What?!?!!
Chief Masamune: What are you doing?
de3Sol: Working on a lab
de3Sol: Project I mean
de3Sol: Gathering experimental data
Chief Masamune: Using CS:GO?
de3Sol: ….
de3Sol: Yeah.
Chief Masamune: What.
Chief Masamune: What data are you collecting?
Chief Masamune: Your shitty K/D?
de3Sol: Uh.
de3Sol: Well, it has something to do with circuits.
de3Sol: And water.
de3Sol: de_aztec should provide proper results
Chief Masamune: Okay.