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Testing Colors

June 24, 2012

bonus because of my tardiness

trying out different color styles


FBX Animations

June 24, 2012

and this is why I had no updates. Finally got animations working in the engine, directly exported to FBX from 3dsmax and Maya

CPU Skinning

June 16, 2012

gpu skinning looked better

GPU Skinning

June 15, 2012

this is how the pros do it

Lack of Updates

June 11, 2012

I apologize for the lack of updates. I haven’t been making anything visually notable. Conceptual, yeah sure.

Anyways, here’s a sketch.


Wren wryly whistles

June 2, 2012


i was first really frustrated with corel painter 12, but then i looked at the time and saw not even an hour had passed

not complaining