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September 23, 2011

I figured I would post a preposterous post purely about posting. My proposal to this problem is this proper post, to be posted with post haste as I ponder the problematic problem of what other preposterous words could possibly prefix with ‘p.’ Probably in part to my puny knowledge of amount of words prefixed with ‘p,’ I find this task of pure diversion to be properly problematic. However, I must placate my poverty in this regard, and so I pronounce that I proudly continue to procure a plumper pack of words that place themselves properly into the previously proclaimed party of words. But now, the purity of the post and its primary pronouncement has been prohibited as its pack of words is no longer, in whole, and only in part, prefixed with ‘p’ nor proclaiming pure posting with a preposterous proposal to placate the problematic poverty of the previously proclaimed pack of words.