moar peeps

February 19, 2015

tns Pages

February 10, 2015

title_core_3 copy HIRES



Some silly prototype

January 7, 2015

Something I made in a day. This is the download. Find the 3 targets.


source (Unity 4.6)

pixel arrrrrt

December 2, 2014

this style is so much fun

tns test scene

November 18, 2014

i’ll be rebooting this soon

october 17

October 18, 2014

(first time w/ marker shading, I really like it)

possible it’s inktober?

october 02

October 3, 2014

maybe it’s inktober?

october 01

October 2, 2014

idk it’s inktober?

Even more Withstand

September 15, 2014

Some more Withstand

August 31, 2014

this is old but fun

kind of more of the punkish part of Withstand


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