Personal Work

Crazy page showcasing a complete collective collection of my commissions and commitments commenced and completed for personal claimed cheer and enjoyment. Captivating.


(2012 – now) Project AFTER - link

Some lame project. Working as main everything.

(2011 – now) Withstand: Apoethesis

Tie-in retro platformer with Sea and Storm.

(2010 – 2012) Sea and Storm

Tie-in first person shooter with Withstand.

(2011) Moonwise: Outpost Sierra: The Jurin’Gra Strainlink

A platformer that has been scrapped for parts, taken apart, and refitted to a mecha. The mecha being Withstand.

(2009) c0re – link

A minigame worked up in three days. Extremely unpolished. An unfinished “version 1″ of it sits around, and is available on request.


I have a deviantArt account which shows some of my work. Whatever doesn’t get posted there gets posted here. Instead, they find their way here.


Project AFTER

Sea and Storm


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